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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Liar Daisey to Continue Lying About Apple

Yesterday, I wrote a post regarding Daisey's lies about Apple:

I recently saw on Daring Fireball this post, which lists every lie that Mike Daisey told. Worse, the show is actually continuing!:

I wrote this comment to that article:

His art lacks integrity. Shame of those venues for allowing this to continue.

It's not okay to lie this way. If truth is not a requirement, then what incentive do companies have to improve workering conditions? If, rather than doing the hard work of actually understanding the situation a person like Mike Daisey can just come along and make things up why bother to make real improvements? It will never be good enough.

Truth is very important. By utilizing truth we can appreciate and evaluate what progress has been made, and what else needs to be done. Otherwise we risk doing more harm than good by punishing those who are trying to effect positive change.

Stating that this is "dramatic license" rather than laziness and fraud is shameful. We should not tolerate deceit as a shortcut to frame, power and influence. Mike Daisey had no business being the de facto spokesperson for fair labor at Foxconn.

I hope these venues realize that their integrity isn't worth a few nights profit.

I also agree with this post I saw on Daring Fireball that Daisey's "work" distorts our view of China:

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